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Presidents Choice Quaddie

Marilyn - Dennis - John - Joy,

took first place at Commonwealth for the Interclub Quaddie.

Dennis is missing from the picture because he had to leave early.

54 people played, and enjoyed a good day of bowling, and we were all fed and watered very well.

Australian Pairs Playoff's started in the rain, but improved as the day went on.

To nobody's surprise, Marlen won all three games to take the trophy.

Well done Marlen.

Provincial Novice Pairs

Mike & Susan, Who won every game through the tournament, took the Gold, but had to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, with a spectacular hammer run shot which resulted in 5 points, wiping out a 2 point deficit they had before the shot.

This was great of course for Mike & Susan, but very unfortunate for Dennis & Joanne, who had to settle for Silver, which of course is quite an achievement in itself.

Dylan & Anna took a hard won bronze over Jeff & Ron.

We had excellent competition, sportsmanship & organization throughout the tournament. Well done everyone!!

Gerald - Pat - Shannon took the honours at the Open Triples at Highlands this past weekend.

Looks like everyone made money here!

Heritage Fun Tournament

About 44 people were out to enjoy the Fun tournament, and BBQ on Monday.

It was a bit hot, but everyone did what they came out for; to have fun!

The first 2 pictures are of 2 of our 3 teams registered for the Provincial Novice Tournament.

We are hoping for many more.

Medicine Hat Triples

Tony, Barb & Monica were the hot teem this time, and took the trophy. At this tournament though, everyone is a winner, because winning is secondary to participating.

We take our hats off to our gracious hosts at "The Hat". They treated us very well, and supplied some good home cooked meals.

Well done Hatters!

Story in a Picture (Left)

Did they kiss?,

or did they fight?


They kissed of course! - Who could fight on a great day like this?

Klondike Classic July 8th (All the pictures I have received yet)

Marlen - Stella - Gus & Kathy took the trophy

Many thanks to Highlands members for such a good showing.

Crazy Bowl

Francis - John - Vicki - Betty - Margaret - Joe - June - John


Betty - Margaret - Vicki

Came out on top ,

and took the "Crazy Bowl "trophy

Not so happy?

Highly valued members

Lili & Jason are leaving us.

But! we are happy for them

moving on to bigger & better things.

We wish the 3 of you, good luck,

and remember that if the little one

turns out to be American,

always remind her that she was

made in Canada

Gunn Tak Triples

First trophy tournament of the year went very well. With 18 people signed up, it worked out perfectly. Marlen - Mel & Joe took the honours, and will have their names mounted on the trophy. Well done guys!

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Val is awarded life membership

Val was awarded a life membership, at the spring General meeting. This is to commemorate her many years of dedicated service to the Royal Lawn Bowling Club. She has been involved in saving the club from extinction on two occasions to my knowledge, and the club has a lot to thank her for.
Thank you so much Val