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2017 Week-Night Leagues

Australian Pairs

Australian Pair

6:45pm, Wednesdays, from June 7 to August 23, 2017

Australian Pairs differs from regular pairs bowling in that each bowler takes on the job of skip.Games are 10 ends long, and each player has four bowls.

On the odd ends:
  • - player A on each team plays 2 bowls;
  • - player B plays all 4 bowls;
  • - then player A plays the remaining 2 bowls.
  • On the even ends, things are reversed:
  • - player B plays 2 bowls;
  • - player A plays all 4 bowls;
  • - then player B plays the remaining 2 bowls.
  • The league year is divided up into four 4-week-long months - June, July, August and 3-week-long September. Scores are kept for each individual, and added up to select the winner for each month.

    Teams are chosen by a random shuffling of the names of the people who turn up each week. So there's a pretty good chance of having a different partner each week of the month. The four monthly winners will play off to determine the Australian Pairs Champion.

    click to see monthly rank:

    Singles Ladder Play

    Fill out a player chit on the pyramid board at the club with contact information. You then challenge the people at the same level or one level higher on the board to a game at a mutually agreed upon time. Rules are available at signup on board at the club house.